Questions and Answers

1. What is the best time to travel to this destination?
You can travel to Montenegro all year round, because its mountains and seacoast will warmly welcome you both in winter and in summer.
2. Da li se engleski govori u Crnoj Gori?
Our tour guides speak English, French and German, so you have that covered during the tour. In addition, most of the locals and younger generations have a very good command of the English language, which will make your stay in our country more convenient.
3. Which vaccines are recommended for entering Montenegro?
It is important that you get the most accurate and up-to-date travel health information for the region you will be visiting. You should visit a qualified doctor for advice or obtain information via the relevant medical website.
4. Do I need travel insurance?
Before arriving to Montenegro, we recommend that you obtain comprehensive insurance for repatriation in your country.
5. What travel documents should I carry on my trip?
Travel visa requirements are very different depending on the country of origin and destination. If you need a visa, you should arrange that with a travel agent or travel visa company.
6. What is your travel agency specialized for?
Our agency Gold Travel, as a receptive tour operator in Montenegro, specializes in various types of tourism (Mice, Active, Eco, Congress). We are also recognized as a reliable agency in the organization of events of great importance such as sports, diplomatic and similar events (with accompanying contents), as well as in the organization of summer and winter jeep safari tours and teambuilding.
7. What activities do you propose?
The activities we offer are diverse and we implement them in all three regions of the country: kite surfing, paragliding, zip line, sailing, diving, helio tours, jeep safari, fly fishing, kayaking, canyoning, biking, hiking, ATV tours, cruises, adventure parks , horse riding, rafting, survival, camping, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing. We also offer team building (open bars, folklore, music events, nightclubs) as well as orienteering (maps and GPS devices provided, activity diameter 10 to 15 km).
8. Do you organize an airport transfer to the starting point of the activity?
Yes, the agency is ready to provide fast, safe, comfortable transportation at any time to the point where routes or activities start.
9. Can you book airplane tickets for me?
Yes, we can. In case you need our help vis-à-vis that matter, you can contact us via email indicated on the agency’s website.
10. What is and what is not included in the arrangement?
The arrangements include one or more activities carried out by our agency, all the necessary equipment, lunch packs and a guide. Lunch and hotel accommodation can be included as additional content.
11. Does the arrangement include food?
Half-day arrangements include lunch packs, while full-day arrangements include lunch too.
12. Is equipment included in the arrangement price?
Equipment is included in the arrangement price.
13. What are the age restrictions for driving vehicles on your tours?
You must be at least 18 years old to travel independently. There are no upper age limits for our tours as long as you are in good health. Our standard adventures are open to 12-year-old children or younger, accompanied by a parent (max. 3 children per adult).
14. Can we change the travel date?
Travel date can always be changed and a new one can be chosen, according to your wishes and the availability of the reservation date at a given moment.
15. Do you offer a refund if my trip is cancelled?
In case you cancel your trip, you can choose another available date, or give up and get a refund.
16. What happens with the tour in case of bad weather?
For the safety of clients, which is always in the first place, in case of bad weather conditions, the tour is cancelled and a new date is determined (or a refund is issued at the request of the client).
17. Can I make a special request regarding the arrangement I want to book?
Of course. The client always has the option for their tour to be made according to their wishes.
18. Can I choose more activities for a tour?
Our agency’s offer includes the so-called incentive programs, which present a combination of several activities, for clients who want a more demanding program. The activities proposed in the programs are subject to change, in agreement with the guide who knows best the planned routes.
19. Is there an entrance fee for the places I visit?
Tickets are included in the price of the program chosen by the client.
20. Is it possible to enter national parks throughout the year?
It is not possible to enter all national parks throughout the year; such information are available on the websites of national parks.
21. How long does a one-way drive last?
Driving in one direction to a certain destination depends on the chosen excursion. Maximum duration of driving from the southern region to the northern is three hours.
22. Are all the activities you offer in the programs available throughout the year?
Most activities are available throughout the year, while some of them are reserved for certain seasons and weather conditions (snowmobiles, skis and snowshoes are offered in winter; kite surfing, sailing or diving are offered in summer).
23. Can I drive the vehicle alone during the tour or only when accompanied by a guide?
Each tour includes a guide; a vehicle cannot be rented without the presence of a guide on the tour.
24. Do beginners have training before driving?
Training is mandatory for all participants. After the training, they sign a contract on assuming responsibility. The snowmobiles and participants are insured by an insurance company.
25. How long does the tour last?
Duration of the tour varies from 30 minutes to 6-7 hours, depending on the arrangement.
26. Is the tour safe for participants?
Our guides are experienced and they know every corner of our country to the smallest detail. Furthermore, we have completely new equipment and machinery. We carry out every activity personally, without the assistance of subcontractors, whereby we guarantee not only the safety of our clients, but also the quality of service provided.
27. What is the starting and ending point of the tour?
The starting and ending points of tours depend on the chosen arrangement and guide’s suggestions.
28. Have you personally tried the activities or been to the places you recommend?
Gold Travel Agency team promote activities that they have experienced themselves through numerous organized team buildings. This is because it is the only way to guarantee a holiday without problems to the client and convey the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure, which our specially designed tours bring.